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Why Should I Join CLA?

  • It is one of the most logical, legal, and ethical ways to allow you to accept a lower fee than your normal clinic fees.
  • It allows you to have a contracted fee schedule for your cash and underinsured patients, just like your other managed care networks.
  • We’ll link your website to our doctor locater page on our website www.CLAHealthCare.com to help market your practice to potential patients.
  • We offer corporate marketing materials for the businesses in your neighborhood.
  • We refer our 100,000+ cardholders to our preferred providers.
  • All this at NO COST to you, the doctor!

This is a no-brainer, doctor. Attached to this letter is everything you need to apply to CLA and become a provider.

  • The Provider Application and Terms of Agreement, which allow you to legally see network patients for a predetermined fee.
  • Still have questions?  We’ll send you a Question and Answer sheet discussing the most frequently asked questions about CLA which includes the CLA fee schedule tomorrow.

Once you return the application and become credentialed, your practice information will be included on our website www.CLAHealthCare.com for potential patients to see and use.

Mail in your application today and legalize your practice now before it’s too late!

If you are a doctor and interested in becoming a provider with us, fill in your name and email address below.