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"My wife and I were very blessed to do an internship in an office that utilized CLA before we opened our own practice. We were super impressed with not just the discounts that CLA offered for the practice members, but the customer service was truly incredible as well. We recently opened a brand new state of the art office that utilizes the CLA discount program and what a blessing this has been to us as it has made care more affordable for so many people. At no cost to us, we are able to take care of more families which is truly our hearts desire. CLA has made opening a brand new office so much easier and we would definitely recommend it for all chiropractic offices."                                               -,
Dr. Jacob Duvall
Inside Out Chiropractic, Tulsa, OK
July 06, 2016
“Because of CLA, I can provide care to the young Military at our 5 bases, that otherwise would not be able to come”  
Dr. Koontz
Colorado Springs, CO
August 10, 2016
"Our staff and practice members love using Chiropractic Lifecare of America! Not only is the program easy to implement and explain, but their customer service and availability for questions surpass many other businesses we work with. Thank you for making our care more affordable and allowing us to serve more families! Without CLA, many families we serve wouldn't be able to afford the care they are receiving with us. It is a valuable resource in creating a healthier community!"  
Dr. Clare Stewart
Stewart Chiropractic Center
October 20, 2016
"Every BODY on the planet needs Chiropractic care and with the stipulations, high insurance deductibles and rising co-pays each year with health insurance, Chiropractic Lifecare of America makes care affordable offering deep discounts so our patients and their families can get the care they need and know exactly what they will pay each visit. Thank you CLA!!"
Sautre Chiropractic
November 25, 2016
"Chiropractic Lifecare of America has provided an affordable means to help potential patients who either do not have insurance coverage or cannot afford treatment to become patients at affordable pricing. This has helped us capture potential new patients that otherwise would not have been able to afford care. We present it to these patients as a discount club that they can join and we are contracted with to provide services for club members at affordable pricing."  
Dr. Rick Smith, D.C
February 09, 2017
"The CLA program is wonderful, both for patients and doctors. As you know the greedy health insurance companies have dramatically raised deductibles/copays and as a result drastically reduced reimbursement to doctors for services. Honestly, unless you are a federal employee, it is frankly to expensive for most people to use their health insurance. The CLA program bypasses the insurance nightmare and makes chiropractic services affordable for the patient and easier for the doctor due to less paperwork and no threat of post -payment audits by insurance companies. Your office can still accept insurance policies, but by adding the CLA program you will see more patients and probably have less stress in your office too." Sincerely
Dr. Craig
August 17, 2017
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